Brand New Star TSP800IIRx Thermal Ethernet Receipt Printer TSP847IIE3-24GRYRX

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Brand New Star TSP800IIRx Thermal Ethernet Receipt Printer TSP847IIE3-24GRYRX


This is a brand new  Star Micronics TSP800IIRx Receipt Printer with Ethernet Interface. It comes in the original packaging.  This was only opened to take pictures.

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This is a brand new  Star Micronics TSP800IIRx Printer with Ethernet Interface in its original box. It was only opened to take pictures.

Package includes:

  • Star TSP800IIRx Printer,
  • AC adapter & power cord,
  • software installation CD,
  • user manual,
  • startup paper roll,
  • 2 keys.


  • Printer Method: Direct Line Thermal
  • Print Speed: 37 Receipts Per Minute (180 mm/sec)
  • Printer Case Color: Gray
  • Model Available: TSP847Rx Includes Both Tear Bar and Auto Cutter with Locking Mechanism
  • High Reliability: MCBF: 37 Million Lines; Guillotine Auto Cutter: 2 Million Cuts
  • Secure Locking Paper Chamber: Deter prescription theft by locking the printer. Once the lock is engaged, the cover cannot open


Star Micronics has the solution to print thermal prescriptions using the secured locking TSP800IIRx Printer. Answering the requests from Hospitals and Physicians to efficiently automate the prescription process and make it simple is the cure from Star. The Secured TSP800IIRx printer enables doctors to print thermal prescriptions vs. handwritten prescriptions from a pad avoiding legibility errors. Utilizing specialized and secured thermal prescription paper, the prescriptions are printed using the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software in the industry, resulting in a secured legible script in seconds. No more messy ribbon replacements! The Secured TSP800IIRx features simple and easy “Drop-In” secured thermal prescription paper, the sole consumable.

The Secured TSP800IIRx prints faster than a laser printer, produces output that is clearer than an inkjet printer and is smaller than a shoe box so it is a true space saver. In addition, the Secured TSP800IIRx will only print what you need, saving you time and money with your printer consumables.

This revolutionary wide-format POS printer also provides a solution to many new applications where no POS printer was able to before. From compact web printing to mobile transportation printing as well as producing wide high-quality POS receipts with professional and crisp graphics, the TSP800II is the solution!  The TSP800II is the only printer on the market that provides printing on 3” to 4.4” wide paper at an amazing speed. It is the perfect printer for applications that need to print a large amount of information on a receipt.


  • Up to 4.4” wide paper format support provides the possibility to list more information on the paper and allows you to organize information more appropriately.
  • Operates at up to 37 receipts per minute (180mm/sec), increasing productivity significantly.
  • Capable of printing A4 sized documents on receipt paper, the Star Micronics 39443710 saves much paper and allows you to take information with you in a convenient way.
  • Compact size not only saves your valuable desktop space but also enables convenient mobile application.
  • Swappable Serial, Parallel, USB and Ethernet interfaces as well as Wi-Fi connection enable you to connect the printer to future upgrade system eliminating the hassle of purchasing a new printer just to upgrade the connection.
  • “Drop-In & Print” clamshell design ensures ease of use. The rear feed slot supports larger paper roll. This printer is jam proof and comes with a unique cutter for full or partial cut. Its only consumable is thermal paper.


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